Rahm has built a portfolio of distinct work merging Texas, music, street & lifestyle photography that draws from his ever changing surroundings and his desire to tell a story. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Rahm is a self-taught photographer that found his way to his first camera through live music videography with the Austin-based concert film production company TourGigs. With TourGigs, Rahm filmed under direction from the critically acclaimed photographer and director Danny Clinch. Rahm decided he should be documenting his travels and encounters, and his brother gave him their father's 1970's Canon TL. That was the spark for "Dad's Old Camera," a project and Instagram account accumulating all the photos Rahm was taking on this camera. Within a year, Rahm inherited his Uncle's Nikon FM and Grandfather's Leica M3 and has a growing collection of analog cameras. Whether on his family's ranch or on stage at a concert, Rahm will have a camera over his shoulder, ready to capture the energy and tell the story as he sees it.


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Rahm Carrington